Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We Become What We Wear

There is a new adage “We become what we wear.” And that is the subject of Professor Karen Pine’s fascinating book, Mind What You Wear. Her book reveals how the wearing of clothing has measureable performance and self-confidence effects on people.  Pine’s study confirms humans mental processes and perceptions can be primed by clothing.
In an experiment to know whether heroic clothing could really have an unconscious effect on the students’ thought processes, Pine had some of her students put on Superman t-shirts.  The results were very interesting.  She found it boosted their impression of themselves, made them believe they were more likeable and superior to the other students who were not wearing the Superman t-shirt.  When asked to estimate how much they could physically lift, those wearing the Superman t-shirt thought they were stronger than students in a similar t-shirt without the Superman logo.
We project our image to other people through our clothing and our clothing can influence others’ impressions of us.  Likewise our clothes can also influence us, the wearer, affecting our thoughts and moods.  Research has found that clothing is actually priming the brain to function and operate differently. It is called ‘enclothed cognition’.  For example, a hospital patient wearing a shapeless, pale garment, exposed at the back, encourages docile and helpless feelings. Additionally, the feeling of anonymity when wearing a uniform or the emotional and sexy power surge while dressed in Armani suit and Christian Louboutin shoes! My interpretation of Pine’s research: Our self-image begins with clothing and our clothing choices influence our thoughts, moods and perspectives.!
Pine notes that there is a link between mood and clothing, when women are stressed their world narrows down and the result being that as much as 90% of a woman’s wardrobe can be neglected.
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