Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is a celebration honoring our maternal bonds.  I welcome the importance of this special day, although I think for the amount of work we mothers do it should be celebrated at least once a month by sleeping until noon followed by a delicious breakfast served in bed.  However, I began to wonder where and how this holiday came about and started to research. 

I discovered during the time of the Civil War, a few trail- blazing women struck by the horrors of war, organized an international peace movement, justly named “Mother’s Day for Peace”. Leaders Anna Jarvis and her daughter Julia Ward Howe intended to expose the tragedies of war and spread peace, equality and justice through activism. Eventually, President Woodrow Wilson would sign the annual Mother’s Day celebration into law.

Today, I realized as I cherish, nurture, protect, embrace, or cultivate a creative project, I acknowledge the mother within me.  Early motherhood was a wonderful time for me. I loved sharing life with my child.  He has taught me much and still does.

TheLuLuwrap is my newest offspring, an idea incubated within and transformed into a wonderful, exciting adventure. I am grateful for your welcomed embrace and as I share beautiful gifts with your wardrobe and style, please know your joyful, satisfied smiles are many times my returned reward. Thank you to all who attended our successful and fun! Cinco de Mayo/Mother’s Day House Party Event.  Looking forward to the next one already!! 

This year to honor Mother’s Day and trail-blazing women everywhere, I share with you The Luluwrap's online exclusive sale of selected designs at the discounted price of $70.00 each. The Luluwrap is the perfect gift to treat yourself or show Mom how truly special is. This year, it is my Mother's Day wish to please share The Luluwrap's mission with your friends; to simply spread peace and beauty to the world and to live laid back. To live luxurious and to live The Luluwrap lifestyle. Many thanks and Happy Mother's Day! 



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